The AC Plus 2-Channel OverdriveGuitar Effects Pedal from Xotic unites 2 widely acclaimed booster circuits andvery versatile preamps. Both channels offer shimmering smooth tone with tons ofsustain. Each channel delivers two distinct voicing modes that cover the entirerange of gain structure. Activate both channel stacks with a single button forunlimited configurations of superb tone.


Other features include:

  • Works great with single- and double-coil pickups
  • Channel A offers a bluesy sound with boost and a single tone control
  • Channel B delivers more of a clean boost or slight crunch with control over Bass, Mid and Treble along with Hard/Soft compression
  • A/B switch for stacking the two preamps in a different order
  • Combining both channels creates thick-sounding distortion with all the nuances of your playing, perfect for single-coil pickups

Xotic AC Plus Booster Pedal

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