The TC Electronic PLETHORA X5 is a pedalboard that can house andchain many of your favorite TC Electronic TonePrint effects. You can create 127virtual pedal boards, which are chains of effects. Utilize up to five effectsin each virtual pedal board. All the effects are tried and true algorithms fromTC Electronic pedals, and all are TonePrint-enabled for greater customization.

Customize the effects as you see fit via the assignable effects knob, andengage up to five effects at once. Use MASH technology to turn the footswitchesinto built-in expressive controls that respond to the pressure of your foot.

The pedalboard offers stereo ins and outs for your instruments andamplifiers, should you want to take advantage of them. Use the pedal with youramplifiers, or plug it into an interface or House PA. The pedal offers a cabsimulation for an authentic speaker tone.

You'll also find an insert path for looping in all your favorite outboardpieces of gear. The 5-pin DIN MIDI jack lets you select a virtual pedal boardfrom an external MIDI controller. Use the TRS 1/4" expression jack forcontrol by expression pedal or if you want to put an external volume pedalanywhere in the chain.

Simply put, the PLETHORA X5 puts all the TonePrint pedals in your chain,allowing you to reorder them at will. And, the unit comes with a power supply.

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TC Electronic Plethora X5 TonePrint Multi-FX

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