TheBlues King 10 delivers the authentic 6V6-powered tube-amp tone of theChicago-made Supro combos from the 1950s. The Class-A power amp found in theBlues King 10 provides all of the natural compression and touch-sensitiveheadroom that have made these vintage “single-ended” combos a go-to solutionfor studio recording since the early days of Rock and Roll.

Inaddition to the traditional 12AX7 tube preamp in the Blues King 10, a BOOSTfunction can also be switched into the signal path for an extra push. When evenmore gain is desired, the Blues King 10 offers a FAT DRIVE mode with a freshlydesigned CMOS tube emulator circuit that will send your tone soaring over thetop with additional distortion and sustain. 2-band EQ and Master Volumecontrols join the footswitchable BOOST and DRIVE functions to help tailor theamp’s sound for gigging, recording and home practice.

The 1810R Blues King features a custom-madegenuine analog spring reverb and a line output located before the master volumefor direct recording or slaving to another amp. The vintage-inspired poplarwood cabinetry is based on the mid-50’s Comet model and comes loaded with aBK10 speaker. This custom-made 10” driver was specifically designed to capturethe magic of the original field-coil speakers used in the earliest Americantube amps ·        5-watt1×10” tube combo ·        Footswitchableboost and gain ·        Analogspring reverb ·        ¼”line output ·        FETBoost ·        PigtronixFAT Drive ·        Class-Atube power amp ·        CustomSupro BK10 speaker ·        1x12AX7 preamp tube ·        1x6V6 power tube

Supro 1810R Blues King 10 5 Watt 1x10 with Reverb

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