Seymour Duncan SH-18 WholeLotta Humbucker

These pickups are still factory sealed, however, there aresome scratches on the case.

The Seymour Duncan SH-18 Whole Lotta Humbucker is chock-fullof British-rock tones. This beefed up vintage PAF tone provides a hard-driving,kickin' sound with the right balance of power, sustain, and output. This pickupcuts through with a distinctive high end and midrange attack. The alnicomagnets and vintage coil design give it higher frequency response and massiveoutput to drive your amp. The SH-18 comes with four-conductor hookup cable to facilitatecomplex pickup switching configurations.

  • Humbucking pickup design delivers big output with higher frequency response
  • Sand-cast alnico magnets for a balanced magnetic field
  • Wrapped using 42-gauge plain-enamel wire
  • Four-conductor wire for access to all possible phase-reversal and coil tap options


  • Type: Humbucker
  • Active/Passive: Passive
  • Magnet Material: Alnico
  • Position: Bridge, Neck
  • Number of Conductors: 4
  • Number of Strings: 6
  • Covering: Covered
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 11102-89-NC

Seymour Duncan SH-18 Whole Lotta Humbucker Pickup Set

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