Orange Crush Pro 120 Head

We are currently out of stock on the orange, but we do have these in black. The Crush Pro Series marks our first foray into the realm of high powered,stage-ready solid state amplifiers. Taking its inspiration from the twinchannel circuit in our prestigious Rockerverb series, the Crush Pro range hasbeen developed using high grade solid state components. At Orange we haveembraced this analogue technology and honed it to the point of perfection. Theresult is amplifiers that deliver the warm, rich tonal characteristics thathave been our hallmark from the very beginning, coupled with extraordinarylevels of versatility and construction to match.

For those who prefer a head and cab setup, the CR120H takes the same featuresand 120 Watt output stage as the CR120C and puts it in a lightweight headformat. A range of speaker cabinets can be connected via the two parallelspeaker outputs (min. 8Ω load), but our personal favorites are our own CRPRO412cab for its potent midrange or our PPC212OB for its unrivalled chime.

The Clean channel is a vintage-inspired design, with plenty of sparkle. Asthe volume control increases, the amp begins to break up into bluesy crunch athigher settings with musical, touch sensitive overdrive. The overall outputvolume can then be reduced to ‘bedroom levels’ with global master volume. TheDirty channel takes its roots from the Rockerverb, covering a wide dynamicrange with four stages of gain. Even at the limit, the Dirty channel remains tightand focused with sustain for days! Complete with professional details like asuper transparent, fully buffered effects loop, footswitchable digital reverb(hall/spring/plate), and more than enough power for practically any venue, theCR120H will always perform, wherever your music takes you.



One 16 ohm cab connected to the one of the speaker outputs.

Two 16 ohm cabs connected to both speaker outputs, or daisy-chained togetherto one of the speaker outputs.

One 8 ohm cab connected to one of the speaker outputs.

It’s better to not daisy-chain, in case the first cable or cab in the chainwere to go out during a performance; then you’d lose all your sound.

Running a separate cable to each cab insures at least one cab will still begoing if a speaker cable or cab goes out during a performance.

Use the Orange FS2 to switch reverb on and off and change channels.

Classic Orange or Black Styling 

Finished in our legendary livery dating back to 1968, the Crush rangefeatures our basket weave vinyl, woven speaker grille cloth, signature ‘pictureframe’ edging and iconic hieroglyphs on the control panel.

Twin Channel, Solid State Head

Digital Reverb (spring/hall/plate)

Controls (Right to Left): Clean Channel: volume, bass and treble.

Dirty Channel: volume, bass, middle, treble and gain.

Global: volume and reverb.

Finish Options: Orange or Black basketweave vinyl

Output Power: 120 Watts

Speaker Output Options: 14.4kg / 31.75 lb

Unboxed Dimensions (W x H x D): (W) 55 X (H) 23 X (D) 25CM / 21.65 X 9.06 X9.6”

Unboxed Weight: 14.4KG / 31.75 LB

Orange Crush Pro CR120H 120 Watt Amplifier Head Black

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