The Cort Gold series is designed with a total focus onsound, but now with the introduction of the Gold-Edge LE, we are proud to saythat the focus and dedication has expanded to push the limits on ergonomics andplayability. Cort’s decades of technological advancements and guitar buildingknowledge sparked the development of the ‘triple bevel cut’ system, and withthe right amount of angle and depth for each bevel cuts on three differentstrategic areas of the guitar body, acoustic guitar playing has never felt morecomfortable. Together with selected master grade tonewoods, L.R. Baggs Anthempickup system, and the top-of-the-line Gold standard build and sound quality,the Gold-Edge LE is the true golden result of tradition and innovation.

We received this guitar with a small finish crack betweenthe first fret and the nut on the bass side. (See photos) It is very minor, but we want tobe transparent. This guitar is in highdemand, and there is a very limited number available!

Auditorium Cutaway BodyType

With dimensions of 117mm(4 5/8") body depth, upper bout widthat 292mm(11 1/2") and lower bout width at 405mm(16"), the Auditoriumbody size is perfectly in between the large Dreadnought and the more intimateGrand Concert. This makes the Auditorium body type ideal for bothstrumming/flatpicking and fingerstyle playing and suits the versatile acousticplayer who prefers to have one guitar to cover a variety of sounds and playingstyles.

Triple Bevel Cut

The triple bevel cut was designed to give maximum comfort to theplayers. Carefully calculated bevel cuts have been applied to three strategicareas (armrest, cutaway, and ribrest) of the guitar body making sure that theareas where the guitar touches the player’s body is as ergonomically shaped aspossible. The cutaway bevel and body arm rest bevel existed previously onvarious Cort guitars, but the newly added waist bevel on the back of the guitargreatly assures players the comfort that’s never felt before. The bevels weremeticulously laid out to not only provide comfort but to retain the acousticproperties of the body as the traditional cutaway compromises the tone.

Aged to Vintage Top

A vintage instrument is the holy grail of acoustic guitar tone.The wood on the top cures and opens up more over time. This unleashes a tonalquality that is missing in new instruments — until now. Using a special processthat we call ATV (Aged To Vintage) we treat the solid sitka spruce top to giveit that big and open tone of a decades-old, highly-sought-after acoustic. Thistorrefaction process delivers that amazing tone to you right out of the box.

Solid Myrtlewood Back &Sides

Fitting for a Limited Edition, the back and sides are of MasterGrade solid Myrtlewood for a bright yet smooth and warm sound. Clear andpowerful, it emphasizes the high-mids for excellent articulation. Myrtlewood’sfiguring gets better and better with higher grades and this model features thehighest grade possible.

L.R.Baggs® Anthem

The L.R. Baggs® Anthem pickup/preamp system delivers thepure acoustic vibrations of the instrument to the amplifier and PA without anycoloration. Unneeded feedback can also be easily and effectively controlledthrough minimalistic controls that do not interfere with the look of the instrument.

Ebony Fingerboard

There are many types of woods that are used for fingerboard but noother compares to the jet-black beauty and slick smoothness of Ebony.

Ebony Bridge Pins

The high density of Ebony wood keeps the fundamental acousticsound focused and tight with greater sonic projection than plastic, enhancingthe transfer of the string vibrations throughout the soundboard top, body andthe neck.

DoubleLock Neck Joint

The connection between a guitar’s neck and body is another keyfactor for great sound. On the Gold, we started with a tight fittingtraditional dovetail neck joint. We then reinforced it by adding a bolt. ThisDoubleLock neck joint maximizes the transfer of tone and enhances resonance onthe Gold.

Walnut Reinforced Neck

The neck on the Gold has been reinforced for added rigidity andstability using two special inserts. This is constructed with two pieces ofwalnut installed to add stability while still retaining the natural propertiesof wood to further upgrade the Gold.

Sonically Enhanced UVFinish

The high-tech finish is strong and resistant to scratches whilebeing lightweight to improve the natural acoustic resonance of the body for afull-bodied and rich tone.


DoubleLock Neck Joint




Grand Auditorium


1 3/4 "(45㎜)


Torrefied Solid Sitka Spruce


Solid Flamed Myrtle wood


Walnut Reinforced Mahohany








Grover® Vintage Machineheads




L.R. Baggs® Anthem


D'Addario® EXP16


Hand Scalloped X-Bracing


Triple Bevel Cut(Armrest, Cutaway, Ribrest)


Genuine Bone Nut & Saddle

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Cort Gold Edge LE with Hard Shell Case- RARE!

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