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Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Twenty Five Tube Head
Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Twenty Five Tube Head

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Don't think for a moment that the Mini Rectifier® is a trendy down-line toy or marketing-derived imitation of our mighty Recto®. This is the real deal… in every way a high-end, hand made all-tube amplifier.

Lurking within this expensive metal chassis, lies one of our most expressive and nuance-enhancing circuits to date and it creates an exciting, adrenaline-producing Tone machine… one of the most fun to play in the entire MESA® collection.

Like its original two channel forefathers, this Recto® keeps things straight ahead and easy to navigate. This generation features two footswitchable Channels that each contain two Modes and while it looks basic and drives easy, a world of stylistic versatility lives within these two simple rows of controls.

Features and Technical Specs
  • Two independent channels and four
  • style modes deliver everything from sparking cleans to aggressive fury. The
  • Mini Rectifier’s Channel 1 focuses on rhythm sounds, both clean and overdriven.
  • The CLEAN Mode delivers sparkling, big headroom rhythm sounds that breathe with
  • rich, warm air on the bottom end. When driven to clip and combined with the 10
  • watt Power setting, this Mode misbehaves with real attitude and shines for
  • urgent, yet soulful, Blues solo sounds and furry Rock rhythm.
  • Two independent channels and four

  • style modes deliver everything from sparking cleans to aggressive fury.

  • PUSHED aptly describes what to do

  • with the second Mode in Channel 1 and here you'll find the next region of gain.
  • With a more stripped EQ and just enough added drive, PUSHED invites aggressive
  • Rock rhythm and Crunch styles to the party and even taunts your mid-gain solo
  • work, especially in the 10 Watt Power setting.

  • Channel 2 features the iconic Recto

  • high gain sounds - the iconic liquid wall of VINTAGE and the aggressive fury of
  • MODERN. VINTAGE excels at thick, high gain chording and single note soloing
  • with an elastic feel and a broad harmonic spread. It has a looser, more organic
  • sound and the overdrive drapes itself around the notes creating a huge,
  • three-dimensional image.

  • VINTAGE solo work is further

  • enhanced by the 10 Watt Power position. Here, the attack envelope changes and
  • becomes rounder and more voice-like, while upper harmonics recede slightly to
  • create single note sounds of true beauty. VINTAGE and 10 Watt compliment each
  • other in ways that will open new doors for the Recto that were previously open
  • only to more well behaved or "cultured" amps. It may also open wide
  • the eyes of current big-power Recto owners who experience for the first time -
  • what this power range/wiring style does for a sound they had typecast. This is
  • a new and exciting face of Recto and it will surely expand its stylistic
  • footprint.

  • MODERN is the opposite in every way.

  • This aggressive Mode comes right at you - maybe even for you - with stunning
  • attack and a hi-mid bump that keeps things percussive and tracking with
  • hyper-accuracy. It's hard to believe that this amount of gain can be infused
  • and yet still deliver - especially in bass frequencies - with this much speed
  • and definition. But this is pure Recto and MODERN contributes an equal part to
  • achieving its status as the other most recorded sound in Rock. Needless to say,
  • MODERN is all about all things Heavy and Metal. And while this sound is best
  • demonstrated using the 25 Watt Power setting, be sure not to typecast MODERN
  • too quickly. Using the 10 Watt Power setting to sweeten the mids and soften the
  • attack here, shows another side to MODERN as well that's more forgiving and
  • vocal, creating a great alternate solo voice with a little more punch and dynamic
  • content.

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