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We have to list guitars and amplifiers at what the
manufacture calls minimum advertised price (MAP). We do adhere to what
the manufactures tell us to list the prices at on our website, but will
sell for a much lower price if you will just take a couple minutes to
give us a call at 304-842-8510 or 1-800-704-7086. By giving us a call
you can saves hundreds of dollars on a single item. The higher price the
item, the more you can save! There are very few items that we sell,
that we cannot move on price, but there is a few. Probable about 95% of
the items we sell, we can really save you some money by just giving us a
call. When calling for better pricing ask for internet sales specialist
that handles special pricing. All other info can be taken care of by
any A Plus Guitars staff.