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A Plus Guitars
Established 1998

A Plus Guitars opened its doors on January 1st 1998. We are a small mom and pop shop that has been serving local and long distance customers for 17 years. The inception of our business began with the need of a good guitar shop in the small town we are located in. Before, local people such as myself were forced to drive 100 miles just find a nice selection of guitars or amplifiers at fair prices. Our long time sales staff is knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, experienced and will go the extra mile to help you with your search for the right guitar or other musical items. We stock everything from beginner instruments, intermediate, to high end to try and meet everyone's needs. We personally inspect and set up every instrument before it is shipped.

Our mission at A Plus Guitars is to make you feel good about your purchase with us and to building long time friendly relationships with our customers.

OK, Now for the part I know everybody wants when purchasing their new instrument, the best price!!!
Well we are here to do the best we can on guitars and amplifiers. I'm not here to say I am always going to have the lowest prices, but I sure will try. First we have to list guitars and amplifiers at what the manufacture calls minimum advertised price (MAP). We do adhere to what the manufactures tell us to list the prices at on our website, but will sell for a much lower price if you will just take a couple minutes to give us a call at 304-842-8510 or 1-800-704-7086. By giving us a call you can saves hundreds of dollars on a single item. The higher price the item, the more you can save! There are very few items that we sell, that we cannot move on price, but there is a few. Probable about 95% of the items we sell, we can really save you some money by just giving us a call. When calling for better pricing ask for internet sales specialist that handles special pricing. All other info can be taken care of by any A Plus Guitars staff.

Thank you for taking the time to read the brief summary about A Plus Guitars.


The Staff